The Bikes of Spring

The last days of February into early March are golden days on the bike. Spring races have not started yet and the last weeks of base miles progress into longer and longer rides. The days of mind-numbing structure: intervals, sprints and hill repeats have not begun in earnest or morphed into the grind of racing …read in detail

Hood Ornament

We call those guys riding down the sidewalk or the street on fixies with no brakes “hood ornaments” because it is just a matter of time before they smack into or get smacked by a car; or run over a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Sure your ride may look clean and even more “retro” or …read in detail

My Fixie

My fixie: 2007 Specialized Langster “Gangster” (Chicago). I switched out the break levers with time trial levers to get the brakes where my hands are, the seat because that’s personal, the pedals (Time) because that’s what I ride, and the stem for some more length. I have been riding my Gangster pretty much daily since …read in detail