Hood Ornament

We call those guys riding down the sidewalk or the street on fixies with no brakes “hood ornaments” because it is just a matter of time before they smack into or get smacked by a car; or run over a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Sure your ride may look clean and even more “retro” or …read in detail

My Fixie

My fixie: 2007 Specialized Langster “Gangster” (Chicago). I switched out the break levers with time trial levers to get the brakes where my hands are, the seat because that’s personal, the pedals (Time) because that’s what I ride, and the stem for some more length. I have been riding my Gangster pretty much daily since …read in detail

More Details, Perhaps

So I had a few inquiries as to why I am taking a hiatus from teaching. Even if the following sounds a little bitter, believe me, I am not bitter. I am relieved and thrilled NOT to be teaching HOT yoga anymore.  So here goes. The studio owner admonished me to “step outside of my …read in detail