Soul Riding

Or is it sole riding? Awhile back I was having a conversation my best friend and former teammate about the kind of riding one often does when they have hung up the racing wheels; long solo rides with no particular training purpose other than to just be on the bike. Not the kind of post …read in detail


Like cats? Like meows? Here’s an app that will waste about 30 seconds of your day. It tweets to the PabloArt tweet stream too. Meow! (You do not really have to like cats to enjoy the MeowBot. You do not really have to like anything… or maybe/perhaps like/share this page.)  

Getting From Point “A” to ….

No one asks you to “set an intention” at the start of your ashtanga practice. The intention is set: Get from point “a” to the end point (that’s negotiable) by hitting points b, c, d, e, f, …. along the way. You reach each of these points in your own time at your pace and …read in detail

The Bikes of Spring

The last days of February into early March are golden days on the bike. Spring races have not started yet and the last weeks of base miles progress into longer and longer rides. The days of mind-numbing structure: intervals, sprints and hill repeats have not begun in earnest or morphed into the grind of racing …read in detail