Soul Riding

Which to ride today?

Or is it sole riding?
Awhile back I was having a conversation my best friend and former teammate about the kind of riding one often does when they have hung up the racing wheels; long solo rides with no particular training purpose other than to just be on the bike. Not the kind of post season ambling, or winter base miles…. Just riding. The kind of riding we imagined non-racers do all the time. Not to slight non-racers, I am one now. Or perhaps, a former racer. It may not be the same thing. My rides seem somewhat aimless now. I still set out like I did as a bike racer, with the intention of only stopping long enough to fill a water bottle when necessary. I do not stop to eat or look at the scenery. I seldom stop pedaling (especially when on my fixie. That’s another story.).

Some days it is hard to get motivated to get on the bike. I no longer have that nagging feeling that if I do not ride, someone somewhere is getting more miles and training than I am. I seldom do structured workouts; intervals, sprints, etc. I always wear a heart rate monitor and keep track of the time riding. I am not completely sure why. I do not log the data anywhere. I have plenty of other workouts to mix up the week; yoga, lifting, whining. But I always come back to the bike. More days than not I ride my fixie. I love that bike, but that’s another story. Cruising for a couple of hours on any bike is good for the soul.