Getting From Point “A” to ….

Mysore Practice
Mysore Practice @ Yogasana

No one asks you to “set an intention” at the start of your ashtanga practice. The intention is set: Get from point “a” to the end point (that’s negotiable) by hitting points b, c, d, e, f, …. along the way. You reach each of these points in your own time at your pace and when you are ready. The end point does not move. You eventually hit all of the points along the way and each point becomes a familiar comfortable place. Some days that place does not seem all that familiar or all that comfortable. Other days you breeze right through, or perhaps explore an element that you have not noticed before.

There are no gimmicks; no crazy hot rooms, mirrors, expensive equipment or new age music. No one is barking orders or passing out quizzical yogic wisdom. There is just you, your breath, the space and a loving, caring teacher.