My Fixie

IMG_3082My fixie: 2007 Specialized Langster “Gangster” (Chicago). I switched out the break levers with time trial levers to get the brakes where my hands are, the seat because that’s personal, the pedals (Time) because that’s what I ride, and the stem for some more length. I have been riding my Gangster pretty much daily since 2007. I LOVE this bike. I love the matte black paint job, the black crankset, rims, hubs and spokes. It is my winter trainer, and my getting around town ride (except when I take the longboard).

In 2007 there were 5 limited edition city-themed fixies in addition to the standard Langster:

  • The Langster London came with pearl white paint, Union Jack inspired graphics, red hubs and rims, silver track style drop bars and white track grips.
  • The Lanster New York was painted taxi yellow with black writing & a checker-cab inspired graphics on the top tube, yellow rims and a flat bar.
  • The Lanster Seattle was painted green with three white umbrellas on the top tube and a Starbucks looking coffee cup on the seat tube. It had green rims, fenders, a swept back flat bar and a handlebar mounted coffee cup holder.IMG_3076
  • The Lanster Chicago “Gangster” was all matte black (paint, rims, components), had silver 30’s gangster inspired graphics on the top tube including “Gangster” in the place of “Langster”, and cow horn handle bars.
  • The Lanster Boston had gloss black with subtle, patriotic themed pinstriping, silver rims and silver track style drop bars with white track grips.

Its a great ride. I have pretty much given up the road bike for awhile.