More Details, Perhaps

So I had a few inquiries as to why I am taking a hiatus from teaching. Even if the following sounds a little bitter, believe me, I am not bitter. I am relieved and thrilled NOT to be teaching HOT yoga anymore.  So here goes.

The studio owner admonished me to “step outside of my comfort zone” and participate in more hot classes. Frankly I would rather fall off a ladder again. It was this lack of respect for my personal practice and my particular yoga path that really began to suck the joy from my yoga teaching. I tried the hot and humid practice several times. I came out each time feeling like I wanted to kick a puppy. That seems a little counter to what a yoga practice should be.

Another issue was the cognitive dissonance I felt each time I entered an establishment that hawks ridiculously hot and humid yoga as a purifying, demanding workout. The deeper my ashtanga practice has gotten, the more I find that HOT yoga runs counter to my yoga path. Only the individual yoga practitioner can determine what yoga is right for them and my conscience struggled every time I went to teach there. It took a lot of effort not to let my negative feelings for the studio’s primary form of yoga show.

I am relieved to not be teaching yoga there anymore. I think that about sums it up.